Beyond My Brain

In June 2016 The London Brain Project held a workshop for young people who have experienced brain injury, their families and researchers. I facilitated one of these workshops where through art-making we explored brain injury from a range of different perspectives: the family, the scientist and the artist. The day prompted discussion of a whole range of issues, and gave families a chance to speak about their experience and to develop creative work together.

The results of that workshop and my artist response to that workshop is exhibited in the Link Gallery at the Institute of Child Health, London.


For more information about The London Brain project and the Beyond the Brain project check out

The Windmill

This exhibition involves revisiting my work and changing it through both reductive and additive processes. 
By sewing through and cutting away paper I create physical layers of materiality that add an extra dimension to the painting.

 This exhibition was organised and curated by Creative Cricklewood.

Creative Cricklewood is a group of writers, artists and musicians, and supporters of creative endeavours who live, work and play in Cricklewood. 

A Moment in Perpetuity

A solo exhibition of mixed media works by Candice Hirson.


Showcasing projects about the preservation of beauty and the effects of time. It explores notions of decay and ageing through watercolour and ink media on paper.


 The idea of visually capturing deterioration is explored through the process of contemporary application of watercolour and ink on a natural medium that itself will inevitably fade and decay; paper. 

A Moment in Perpetuity is a collection of paintings on paper that capture the transitory periods of beauty that surround us in an ever changing urban environment. It is a body of work inspired by natural growth and deterioration and an awareness of ageing, decay and death that draws me to capture these effects of time.


2016               Beyond My Brain, The London Brain Project

2015               Watercolour re-visited, The Petite Corée, London, United Kingdom.

                       Yeats Event, London Irish Centre, London, United Kingdom.

2014               Art Show, The Windmill Hotel, London, United Kingdom.

                       Humble Origins: Art on Paper, BAR Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

                       Art-itecture, BAR Gallery, London, United Kingdom

                       Play. BAR Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2013               A Moment in Perpetuity (Solo Exhibition), Johannesburg, South Africa

2012               Joburg Fringe, Johannesburg, South Africa

                       Impromptu. 2 Pop Up Art Shop, Johannesburg, South Africa

                       Impromptu. 1 Pop Up Art Shop, Johannesburg South Africa

2011               Assemblage Woman’s Festival Exhibition, Drakensberg, South Africa

                       Assemblage Launch Event, Main Street Life, Johannesburg, South Africa

2008               Sites of Memory, Thompson Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2007               Exhibited in and Co-curate Three Abreast: side by side and facing the same way, Museum Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

                       Exhibited in, co-organised and co-curate Work In Progress. Johannesburg, South Africa. 
                       Participated and exhibited in RE/action performance workshop and exhibition. Bag Factory Johannesburg, South Africa.

                       Martienssen Prize Exhibition. WSOA, Johannesburg, South Africa.

                       Lost and Found workshop and exhibition, Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

                       Exhibited in and co-organised Collaboration An Exhibition Of Young Artists, 9 Wolmarans street, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

                       Wits School of Art Student Exhibition. WSOA, Johannesburg, South Africa.

                       Martienssen Prize exhibition. WSOA, Johannesburg, South Africa

2006               Wits School of Art Student Exhibition. WSOA, Johannesburg, South Africa